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iFixng.com is the online platform of iFix Integrated Systems Ltd a handyman recruitment company providing handyman/workman and artisan recruitment services for individuals, corporate firms and engineering outfits.

Company Story

Extensive research into the needs of homeowners, construction, engineering, oil & gas and cooperate firms has highlighted a serious lack of:

  • Readily available – “good” handy men/work men.
  • Handymen/workmen who are aware of the ethics and safety precautions/demands of their profession.
  • Handymen/workmen who have undergone thorough and rigorous levels of identity verification to ascertain their true identities before being engaged.
  • Handymen/workmen who are passionate about their profession and are willing to go the extra miles to satisfy clients.

We exist to address such needs and requirements of firms from handymen/workmen. We actively deploy effective strategies when we recruit on behalf of our clients; we practically roll up our sleeves and lead every process from; being enrolled on our platform, to info provided being verified, to our trainings and orientation exercises, to mention but a few...

Why Hire From Us?

Here are reasons why clients should hire from Us...

  • Cut Down on Recruiting Expenses
  • Find the Right Fit for Your Organization
  • Increase Productivity by Hiring Trained Professionals
  • Test Candidates Before Making a Permanent Decision
  • Eliminate Overtime
  • Reduce Training Costs, Scrap & Rework
  • Shift Administrative Burden
  • Take Advantage of iFixng’s HR Capabilities

Services Offered

  • Online Handyman/Workman recruitment services
  • Handyman/Workman daily engagement and management
  • Training/Orientation exercises
  • Corporate trainings, ethics and safety orientation exercises
  • Contract Recruitment Services
  • Cooperate Handyman/Workman HR Services


Giving us the unique opportunity to recruit your handymen/workmen gives you the chance to have a totally different team fully equipped with the right enthusiasm and technical-know-how to execute your jobs the best way known to humanity.

Our Focus

Simply stated iFix integrated systems improve working processes by efficiently providing clients with the expertise (handymen/workmen) required to ensure the smooth operations of building services and facilities within the premises.

Recruiting handymen is all we do